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piper white mug


piper white server



Gear platters



 clay houses

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DSC_0013Please contact me if you have questions about any of these pieces.

Sets are available. Please allow 4-6 for special orders.


Rooms by the Sea, Edward Hopper, 1951Rooms by the Sea, Edward Hopper, 1951


Fall is fast approaching and with it comes a sense of stock taking. Getting ready for school and planning studio time and battening down the hatches for winter weather and various other New England activities are the norm around here. For the first time in many years my Fall looks a little different: In less than 2 weeks I head to Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle Maine for a six-week residency. My time there will be largely unguided (at least by humans). I will have around the clock access to a 16,000sf studio/barn.  I am looking forward to uninterrupted time making work and firing it in any number of the wood, gas and electric kilns. Of course, I hope to bring my work to a new level and there are some things I know I want to do, but 6 weeks is nice long time to allow for some mystery to rule. I have a great studio space here in southern Vermont. I love my work space but it’s time for me to get out of it; it’s time to work in a different atmosphere, with different folks – and Watershed’s proximity to the sea is no small for thing for me; I’m counting on the ocean to rattle my creative cage.

It’s not just me who will be embarking on an adventure this Fall. Our son will start middle school and a new soccer program. He’s in his heaven on the field and it will be wonderful to see him grow this year in his game, in his studies and in his friendships. Even Tim is on the bandwagon, having made a career change. He is now Project Manager for Jack Miller Contracting in Williamstown, Ma. We can’t think of a better move for him; it’s perfect fit.

We like reinvention around here. Thank God we’re all healthy and able to pursue our passions, and we’re blessed with time for each other and time to share all of these wonderful opportunities. It’ll be some kind of party when we come together in mid- October for a camp fire and stories about what this great mystery, the Fall, has revealed to each of us.

I’ll be starting to teach classes again in mid-October and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned up in Maine and catching up with folks. Until then, may your apple and pumpkin harvests be bigger than your barns can hold.








              odds and ends from summer projects, travel, and visits:


We had a wonderful visit with Zach Lihatsh, who was the first student I met in 1995 when I started teaching clay at Buxton School. We had a great catch up and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him around these parts over the next couple years. (seen here introducing my gear plate to his elbow)


 the fabulous Lizz painting signs



 new bowl design


 finally… some living room drapes


sublime Prince Edward Island


summer  sale 2014


I’ve been throwing and altering some steins for an upcoming benefit and for the sale here at the house on July 12 and 13. One of the great joys of making is to think about how folks enjoy their favorite beverage.

Bottoms up!




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 4″ x 3″  each


5″ x 1.5″ each

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I look at things a lot. Once in a while I come across a scene or object that stops me still. On a drive from Wilmington Vermont on Saturday this building really spoke to me.

Sometimes it’s an antique Japanese bowl someone posts online. Sometimes it’s the way hundred year old hand-mixed concrete looks – pebbles, cracks and moss telling a story.

I’m reminded of an excerpt from Daniel Lanois’ film Here is What Is. Click on the link below to hear an excerpt from this documentary to hear Brian Eno speak a bit about the power an object can have.

What object has recently stopped you still?

01 Chest Of Drawers







This week I’m working on my first round of tiles. I opened the bisque kiln this morning to find them even and intact. So far, so good…

Now for the glaze fire and shrinkage adjustments.
seed stamp tile