Happy New Year from Mason Hill!

We are back in full swing after a lovely holiday. The temps are a little more outside-work-friendly, so the fellas are getting a few things done outside at the end of this work week.

I’m tickled with the progress and spend time daily walking around, thinking out loud and causing the guys to look at each other and wonder what this building is really about. It’s fun. I bake them cookies. They smile and nod.

Here’s a reminder to myself and all of you about what this new studio is about:

Thank you for your interest and support for this project. Please stay in touch and let us know when you’d like to come visit.




jackie sedlock pottery annual Holiday Studio Sale and Open House
1179 north mason hill road, pownal, vermont
Saturday December 5 

roses and evergreen


Wrap it up! A North County Clay Holiday Sale

Hops and Vines WIlliamstown, MAThursday, December 17

at 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Williams College Towne Field House

December 20, 10am-2pm

direction to jackie sedlock pottery:




Here we are in November. How? How can it be we are planning for Thanksgiving!?

I know everyone is feeling like time has raced in the last half of 2015. It’s been full with so many things – a very cold start, a lovely but dry summer, and a gorgeous fall, which, for us, brought on the studio project full speed.

With the success of the Kickstarter not long behind us, we are in full production both on the construction of the new studio and in the current clay studio, where I am very busy preparing for holiday sales and celebrations, and teaching the last class of 2015.

Here are some photos of what’s happening around mason hill over the last few weeks. Thanks for your patience with the latest updates. We have truly been swamped; it’s a race against the cold weather to frame the building and close it in.



Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 8.10.09 AM

 first joists up


 view through the main studio window-to-be

half moon market

Half Moon Market Albany, NY sale/show October 24 and 25


getting ready for class, Oct. 2015


tableware – Fall 2015


We will be forever grateful for your support and enthusiasm for this project. This is such a perfect example of grassroots community effort. We knew this was going to be a success because we know our community, yet we are flabbergasted and tickled beyond measure:)

We are so proud to be part of a community that believes the arts are essential.

Please come visit mason hill clay studio. We will be here building, creating and sharing for many years to come as result of your generosity.

Look for surveys and questions over the next few weeks to help me complete your rewards. Thanks ahead of time for your patience.

Many blessings,

Jackie, Tim and Leo

When I got the news we had succeeded, I jumped in our spring-fed silo foundation for a celebratory dip:

my celebratory swim in our firing-fed sil


Our Kickstarter is in full swing!

It will end on October 11. Please consider pledging to help. And please share the project with your art-loving friends!

Please check out our campaign here to raise $25,000 to help build the new studio at 1177 North Mason Hill Road.

Below are the architectural drawings by Williamstown architect, Martha Montgomery.

Plan a visit to see what we’re up to:

jackie’s cell: 413-652-2492mason hill clay studio elev.


mason hill clay studio


Kickstarter for Beginners

Kickstarter uses an all-or-nothing funding model. If your project doesn’t meet its funding goal, no money changes hands. The deal is off.

Why did I use Kickstarter and engage in such risk? Because I didn’t want to leave the amount to chance and I believe It’s possible to raise $25,000 for a good idea. $25,000 for a good idea in the world is peanuts, right? But it’s not peanuts to a small one-person studio in rural Vermont. It’s all the things listed in the video. Have you seen the video? https://www.kickstarter.com/…/131022…/mason-hill-clay-studio

I love this idea. I love making pots and I love sharing ideas. That’s what it’s all about.

Thank you so much for your support.

mason hill clay studio elev.

Architectural Drawings of future mason hill clay studio by

Martha W. Montgomery AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Montgomery ARK


Dear friends,

As we approach the launch for the Kickstarter campaign to help build the new studio on Mason Hill, there’s some information that will be helpful for you to know to help us meet our goal.

This Saturday night (Sept. 12) we’ll host the bonfire kick-off party!
The schedule for the evening:
6:30 - 7:30 hellos and snacks, tour of the construction site. Chef Scott Sanfilippo is preparing some wonderful savory and sweet treats for us.
*please note that we are currently in full construction mode. This is a bring-your-boots event and we’ll ask you to leave them at the door. Kiddos should be accompanied by parents around the barn. Although we strongly encourage wandering around our place during our get-togethers, it’s better to stay clear of the barn area for this visit unless we’re on a tour. There will be a lit path to the bonfire; it’s not far from the house. Also, kindly leave your dog at home; we’d love for you to come for a walk with our dogs on the gorgeous surrounding trails in the near future.
7:30 - intro to the project, tour, and launch! During the launch, we will literally be making the site live and ready for action, which means you can take out your smart phone and get involved from our living room AND share the project with your friends. Please do! That is precisely what will make this a success.
8:30 - we’ll light the bonfire and there will be songs. Bring some layers and a lawn chair. If it’s too wet to be outside, we’ll squeeze into the living room. Songs don’t care where they’re sung.
Bigger picture:
The campaign will run from September 12-October 12. We’ll be updating the Kickstarter site as we move through the month. We won’t bombard you with e-mails, but will write to update you on any big developments or mini-events that might occur. After all, this a creative endeavor and we want to keep the good energy flowing.
Please contact us at any time with questions or with ideas about how to make this project a success.
Have we forgotten anything?! Thank Goodness you’re here to help.
Truly, we are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm for this colossal endeavor.
We hope to see you on Saturday and in the weeks to come.
Hugs from the hill,
Jackie, Tim, Leo and the furred and feathered creatures at mason hill clay studio
mason hill clay studio elev.


Dear Friends,

I’m writing to share news of our upcoming project at Jackie Sedlock Pottery, here on Mason Hill in Pownal, Vermont.

In late August we’ll begin construction on a new studio, with great opportunities for you to be involved. I hope you can make it to upcoming events here (info below!), and invite you to participate in special fundraising for the project.

After a number of years making and teaching, it’s become clear to me that I want to more widely share the process of making with clay. I’ve been teaching for over 11 years; expanding the studio into an existing building on our property will, among other things, make it possible to:

* Provide a larger, better organized studio in which to continue design and production for jackie sedlock pottery

* Continue to teach classes on our intimate scale but with a bit more breathing room
* Offer workshops

On September 12 we will launch a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to raise $25,000 to help with the cost of the new studio and related improvements.

If you’re new to Kickstarter and/or the concept of crowdfunding, this is a great introduction:

Wikipedia - Crowdfunding

We’ll send an e-mail with the link to the live campaign page as soon as it starts!




There are two special dates to save to help support the project:


September 12, 7 pm. Kickstarter launch
Please come help us kick-off the campaign.
We’re going to celebrate the progress on the building, have a little tour, and enjoy wonderful locally grown goodies prepared by Scott Sanfilippo of DiBuono Ravioli (a Pownal favorite!)


October 10, 7 pm. Kickstarter wrap-up

House Concert with Sean Rowe
Sean Rowe, who will be returning from his Fall tour (opening for Robert Plant along the way), will be helping us celebrate the end of the campaign.


Please join us for one or both of these events, and bring friends!




We’re over the moon about the project and hope you will visit my website to see drawings of what will soon be Mason Hill Clay Studio, and to see more info over the coming weeks.


In the meantime, please share this e-mail and forthcoming news of the Kickstarter with everyone you know–the campaign totally relies on it. I believe we can raise the funds to bring the studio here at 1177 to a new level if you help and share the project. I’m excited and optimistic!


Thank you so much for your support over the past few years. You make this beautiful life possible.


Much love and peace to you from the new studio address:

mason hill clay studio

1177 north mason hill

pownal, vermont 05261


– Jackie, Tim, Leo, Piper (the dog), Tansy (the dog), Frederick (the rooster), and the two honeys (glamour hens)

p.s. If this invitation has been forwarded to you and you’d like to be included, please send me a quick note at jzsedlock@gmail.com

large gold with smalls

fancy goods gold

Shaker Dance

infinity and milkweed (background)

fancy goods 

(one of kind serving bowls and platters inspired by Shaker visions)

When I was planning my 6 week residency at Watershed, I had a number of possible directions to pursue with my work. I have a number of lines that I generally concentrate on in the studio. The seed stamp dinnerware is the bread and butter of my wholesale business and I enjoy making it. However, I wanted to take a break from making dinnerware while in Maine. When I packed some pieces for a sale opportunity at Watershed I left behind my Shaker-inspired bowls. I had been working on these bowls and had spent  a lot time over the last few years visiting Hancock Shaker Village and Mount Lebanon,  and reading about this intriguing and industrious religious community. Also, having spent many years at local antique auctions, I’ve come across pieces made by the Shakers; often incredibly simple forms — a wooden box, a shirt hanger, a ladder back chair. I am very drawn to these items. I am very drawn to these people, who designed things for daily use and desired to share their devotion and rituals through their work. But what is it about the Shakers that really speaks to me? I started asking myself a few questions, and the questions were about the Shakers and their work, but they were also about my process: What is at work in their/my handmade objects? What sets them/me apart as people of faith and as makers?

Recently I came across the Gift Drawings and songs. By the mid-19th century, Mother Ann Lee, the founder and spiritual leader of the Shakers had passed on to the next life and numbers in the community were dwindling. Around this time a small number of women and a few men, or “instruments”, began to make drawings based on visions and visitations by Mother Ann and other departed members of the community. These works were meant to inspire and reassure believers. The drawings were given only to members within the community and not meant for “the world”. This was likely intentional because some are almost psychedelic in nature and would surely have been seen as lunacy by some. Largely forgotten until recently, they are an example of the devotion of the Shakers to God and their spiritual leader.

last Fall I studied these drawings. While in Maine I was lucky to attended the exhibit The Shakers: From Mount Lebanon to the World. I also spent the day at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, where the last 3 living Shakers reside. I was thoroughly inspired by these visits and I became more  captivated by the drawings. I’m really excited to share what’s come out of this exploration.

Below are three examples of the Gift Drawings:

A Bower of Mulberry Trees, Hancock, Massachusetts,1854.

Hannah Cahoon.  A Bower of Mulberry Trees, Hancock, Massachusetts,1854.

Shaker Gift Drawing


visionary dance

visionary dance

please write with any questions about my work. As always, you’re invited to visit the studio anytime by appointment. 802-823-7977





jackie sedlock pop-up williamstown, ma


tableware shaker peg rail







Having spent many years looking at and handling seeds, it was no surprise to find them making their way into my dinnerware designs. I have been a gardener for as long as I can remember, helping both my grandmother, who immigrated from Poland in 1935, and my mother in our home garden in rural Western Massachusetts during my childhood. This influences my designs, along with my fascination for early American and European utilitarian architecture and tools. I’m combining these aesthetics with an appreciation for clean lines, simplicity, and materials that withstand the harsh treatment of dishwashers and microwaves. This produces a design that’s in keeping with these histories but appropriate for daily use. My hope is that my dinnerware is a reminder that every day is a gift–every moment, a special occasion.